Online Masters in Medical Anthropology No GRE - Updated 2021

University of California-Irvine: Accordingly, while a high score on the Graduate Record Examination is helpful, the Department gives primary consideration to an applicant statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and writing sample.The GRE General Test is required of all applicants for Ph.D. admission.The university cannot accept GMAT, LSAT, or MCAT scores in place of the GREs. the University of California-Irvine does not require that applicants file scores from any of the various GRE tests available.

Clark University: Most successful applicants also have cumulative and science GPAs around 3.5 and an MCAT score of at least 510.The university see all of their scores, but for evaluation purposes, the Admissions Committee focuses on their most recent MCAT score.Also, if applicant indicate a future MCAT test date, their application will be reviewed only after receipt of their most recent score.Applicant can AMCAS application without the MCAT or letters present.

Drexel UniversityRanked 95 in Best National University.

MS in Medical and Healthcare Simulation

The online Master of Science in Medical and Healthcare Simulation program is the first of its kind to offer advanced training in simulation teaching, curriculum design, and the fundamentals of simulation research in an interprofessional setting.

Innovative instructional approach consisting of a blended curriculum of online coursework combined with three on-campus week-long immersive simulation practicums

Drexel University offers a variety of Graduate Minors that can be added to any master's degree program.State restrictions may apply to some programs.

Four-year bachelor's degree with a preferred minimum GPA of 3.0

With multiple ways to submit documents, Drexel makes it easy to complete their application.

Official release of any standardized tests, such as GRE or MCAT

These rates apply only to new online students and students being readmitted.

These rates apply only to fully online courses.

University of Southern Mississippi

Master Degree in Medical Physiology and Pharmacology

College description: The course covers normal physiology, as well as selected diseases. The workshops are designed to help the student understand the integration of renal physiology with genetics, genomics, molecular biology, and cellular physiology as a basis for a better understanding of human disease. This course is designed to meet the needs of individuals wanting to pursue a career in medicine, biomedical research, or in teaching topics related to physiology and medicine.

Master’s Degree in Medical Physiology and Pharmacology

The online master’s degree in medical physiology and pharmacology is offered through the College of Medicine at the University of Florida. The resulting master’s degree is a unique joint offering consisting of 30 credits, offered entirely online. The GRE is not required for admission.

Up to 15 credits may be transferred from UF’s online graduate certificates in medical physiology, medical physiology with a specialization in cardiovascular/renal physiology or medical pharmacology and therapeutics as long as applicant are admitted to the master’s degree program and applicant received a “B” or higher in the coursework applicant wish to transfer.

Students can complete this master’s degree in as little as one year. Upon completion of this program, students will receive a Master of Science in Medical Sciences with a concentration in Medical Physiology and Pharmacology.

The university master’s degree is a convenient, affordable way to gain practical knowledge in preparation for careers in the medical field. This online degree program also prepares students for the MCAT and other similar exams, as well as National Board examinations.

The diploma and transcript will read: Master of Science, Major Medical Sciences, Concentration Medical Physiology and Pharmacology.

Complete the Application Intent form 2.

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