Online Masters in Biotechnology No GRE - Updated 2021

University of Arizona: GRE scoresRequired test:Required GRE Subject tests: general test only.

Johns Hopkins University: The GRE is not required but the admissions committee reserves the right to request a GRE score to evaluate an application.

University of Maryland-University College

Online Biotechnology Master Degree

College description: Sharpen your entrepreneurial and managerial skills with a master degree in biotechnology with a specialization in biotechnology management. Specializing in biotechnology management within the graduate biotechnology program, you’ll learn evaluate, launch, and manage biotechnology ventures, from life-saving biopharmaceuticals to environment-friendly biofuels. Build a powerful skill set in both business and biology to become a sought-after professional or a successful entrepreneur with a master’s degree in biotechnology with a specialization in biotechnology management. The Biotechnology Master Degree with Biotechnology Management Specialization.

Strengthen their marketability in international biotech business with a master's degree in biotechnology with a specialization in biotechnology regulatory affairs.

Assemble packages for an investigational new drug, a new drug application, a new device exemption, or a Biological License Application

Applicant must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher at all times.

Please review the university overview of overall master's degree requirements for additional considerations.

If applicant are certified as a Project Management Professional by the Project Management Institute and begin study for the master’s degree within five years of earning certification, applicant may receive credit for PMAN 634.

Topics include new, sophisticated DNA, RNA, and protein sequence analyses and pattern recognition and DNA computing, as well as more traditional mathematical modeling

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