Masters programs in Nutrition Sciences which do not require GRE - Updated 2021

Lasell College: GRE GMAT scores are not required for admission.

University of Alabama at Birmingham: GRE Score within the past five years for select tracks competitive candidates have a combined GRE score of at least 300 on the verbal and quantitative sections and.GRE

Masters programs in Nutrition Sciences which do not require GRE - Updated 2021

Emory UniversityRanked 21 in Best National University.

Admission and GRE requirements

College description: Nutrition focuses on foods and nutrients - the composition of foods, the determinants and patterns of food consumption, the relation of foods consumed to physiological needs in health and disease, and the fate of the nutrients in biochemical processes. Nutritional science investigates these phenomena on many levels, ranging from biochemical processes at the molecular level to population-level determinants of nutrition in the context of social environments.The NHS program integrates three perspectives on nutrition: biochemical, clinical, and population. The clinical level is concerned with the impact of nutrition on individuals' metabolism and health, and with the role of nutrition in treating and managing disease. At the population level, nutrition science focuses on epidemiologic studies of diet and health, on the determinants of dietary practices, and on community based interventions to affect nutrition and improve health on a national and international level.

Our strongest applicants have strong GPAs, great letters of recommendation from people who know their research and/or work abilities, research interests that align well with Emory faculty, and research experience.

GRE scores are accepted but no longer required for applicants to the NHS program. There are no set minimums for GRE scores or GPAs.
The mean percentile scores of enrolled students providing GRE scores over the last few years were: 82nd percentile verbal; 68th percentile quantitative; and 78th percentile analytical writing. The average GPA for recently enrolled students was 3.5 for undergraduate studies and 3.8 for Masters studies.

We do not offer extensions to the application deadline. We must receive all materials from you by the deadline, although letters of recommendation can arrive later. Official GRE scores may also arrive at Emory after the deadline, but you must have taken the test before applying and be able to provide scores in your application.

Tufts UniversityRanked 27 in Best National University.

Sustainable Agriculture Food Systems, Nutrition

College description: The Nutrition Data Science program is designed to train students in the design, implementation, and analysis of epidemiologic studies that address questions of the role of dietary intake and nutritional status in disease prevention.The Nutrition Epidemiology and Data Science Program combines traditional academic course work with practical training, so that students acquire an in-depth knowledge in general nutrition, nutritional biochemistry and physiology, biostatistics, and epidemiology.Nutrition Sciences is in the Division of Nutrition Data Science.The GRE is required for applicants to the Ph.D. programs and optional for applicants to the Master of Science programs.The curriculum includes core courses in the areas of nutrition, biochemistry, biostatistics, and epidemiology. A minimum of 48 semester hour units is required for the M.S. degree.Students in the doctoral program must first pass a written and oral qualifying examination, and then complete and formally defend a doctoral dissertation based on original research.The nutrition core provides students with an understanding of basic and applied nutrition, biostatistics, and nutrition science policy. Students entering with an appropriate master degree may submit requests to waive individual courses or to take exemption exams.Nutrition Science Journal ClubNutrition Science Required Skills Courses for all Specializations except Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition Specialization.Scientific Basis of Nutrition: MicronutrientsScientific Basis of Nutrition: MacronutrientsFundamentals of Nutrition Policy and ProgrammingMonitoring and Evaluation of Nutrition and Food Security ProjectsNutrition in Emergencies Policies, Practice and Decision-MakingImportant to The Master’s Thesis does not replace the Specialization requirement.NUTR 217: Monitoring and Evaluation of Nutrition and Food Security Projects.NUTR 238: Economics for Food and Nutrition Policy.NUTR 308: Nutrition in Emergencies Policies, Practice and Decision-Making.Nutrition resources at the Tufts Medical Center include both adult and pediatric clinical programs for hospitalized and ambulatory patients, as well as the Frances Stern Nutrition Center.

NUTC 211: Theories of Behavior Change and Their Application in Nutrition and Public Health Interventions

Current resume or curriculum vitae

There is no application fee, but a non-refundable $50 deposit is required upon their acceptance into the program to reserve their space.

TOEFL minimum score is 600 , 250 , 100

Nutrition Sciences Online Masters programs at Tufts University

American UniversityRanked 71 in Best National University.

Our Nutrition Education Program

A TOEFL score of 600 , a minimum score of 68 on the Pearson Test of English, or a minimum IELTS score of seven is required.

GRE test is not required.

Consent is not required to receive information.

Nutrition Sciences Online Masters programs at American University

Stevens Institute of TechnologyRanked 76 in Best National University.

25 Best Affordable Online Nutrition Studies Degree Programs 2020

It serves students at three campuses/ learning centers, and online.

No GRE/ GMAT score is required for admission.

Adelphi UniversityRanked 127 in Best National University.

Online Masters in Nutrition

College description: The 12-course, 34-credit and 100-percent online Master of Science in Nutrition will prepare applicant to help their community ensure a healthy future. Upon completing the integrated, evidence-based course work culminating in a practicum with thesis, applicant will have an excellent understanding of nutrition science. The graduates of this program are nutritionists and will be able to assume key roles in a variety of areas in the following public and private settings: community and public health, education and research, clinical, business and industry, wellness and media.Completion of an application form for the Master of Science in Nutrition degree program. This graduate degree program is housed in the Allied Health the College of Nursing and Public Health.NUR 2 Nutrition in NursingCredits: 2.00.NUT 551 Nutrition In The Life CycleCredits: 3.00.NUT 552 Nutrition Exercise PhysiologyCredits: 3.00.PED 564 Nutrition and Physical ActivityCredits: 3.00NUT 553 Nutrition and ObesityCredits: 3.00.NUT 554 Nutrition and DiabetesCredits: 3.00.NUT 558 Nutrition and Cardiovascular DiseaseCredits: 3.00.NUT 619 Nutrition Education and CommunicationCredits: 3.00.

Admissions Requirements & Materials for Adelphi University’s online MS in Nutrition program are

In addition to a completed application for graduate admission and a $50 application fee, candidates must submit:

1. Official transcripts showing a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA.

2. Final transcripts stating proof of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year institution or the international equivalent.

3. A 500-word essay detailing reasoning for the pursuit of this degree.

4. Two letters of recommendation.

5. Interview via phone or in-person.

6. International Students whose native language is not English must submit a minimum TOEFL score of 80 or a minimum IELTS score of 6.5. International students in this program are not eligible for an F-1 visa.


No GRE is required for admission to Adelphi University’s online MS in Nutrition program.

Nutrition Sciences Online Masters programs at Adelphi University

University of Alabama at BirminghamRanked 127 in Best National University.

Nutrition Sciences Catalog

College description: The MS in Nutrition Sciences, Lifestyle Management and Disease Prevention track admits during all terms.The Introductory Nutrition Course can be completed online at UAB the first semester of the program.Although this track does not independently qualify students to become a registered dietitian nutritionist , it does provide students the opportunity to gain the knowledge and professional skills to apply nutrition to health promotion, physical activity, and disease prevention. Students will also gain an in-depth understanding of nutritional biochemistry, the skills to practice basic nutrition education of the public, and the opportunity to plan community interventions to promote health throughout the lifespan.Students in the LMDP track interested in becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist have the option to Dietitian Education Graduate Certificate Program , an ACEND-Coordinated Dietetics Program.Note that proof of degree is required.Scores may not be than five years prior to the desired term of admission.

GRE Score within the past five years for select tracks ; competitive candidates have a combined GRE score of at least 300 on the verbal and quantitative sections; and

Verification statement from the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics demonstrating successful completion of a Dietetic Internship.



Students in the MS in Nutrition Sciences Clinical Track/Dietetic Internship must complete 48 semester hours of graduate-level coursework

Admission to this track is awarded on a competitive basis through a national matching process using the Dietetic Internship Centralized Application Service portal and D & D Digital.

All required public health coursework is offered online.

Application of Exercise Physiology to Fitness and Performance

Students in the Dietitian Education Program must complete 58 hours of graduate-level coursework

Students in the MS in Nutrition Sciences Clinical Track/Prior Learning Option must complete 30 semester hours of graduate-level coursework This is a non-thesis track and all required coursework is offered online.

Students in the MS in Nutrition Sciences Research Track must complete 37 semester hours of graduate-level coursework Students in the Research Track are required to complete and orally defend thesis research that contributes to the knowledge of nutrition sciences

The doctoral program combines required and elective didactic coursework in basic sciences and nutrition with research incorporating basic science, clinical applications, and translational research conducted in superb facilities in an outstanding research environment.

Successful completion of the Ph.D. will require completion of a minimum of 14 semester hours in core courses and at least 24 additional graduate semester hours of required and elective coursework from nutrition and other disciplines; passing a comprehensive written qualifying examination; and defense of a dissertation reporting the results of original scientific research that makes a genuine contribution to the knowledge of nutrition sciences.

Advanced Nutrition Seminar

Gain factual knowledge, learn to apply course material through case study application, and explore fundamental principles in medical nutrition related content areas.Prerequisites:NTR 222 and NTR 621

Practice Management and Use of Resources: strategic application of principles of management and systems in the provision of food services to individuals and organizations.

Provides practical application of evidence-based analysis of topics to promote consumer health.

Management systems and their application to hospital food service; legal aspects of dietetic practice; quality assurance, departmental planning, and organization.

Nutrition Sciences Online Masters programs at University of Alabama at Birmingham

Appalachian State UniversityRanked 9 in Best Regional University in South Coast.

Master of Science

College description: Program of Study for the Master of Science in Nutrition.Course Requirements for the Master of Science in Nutrition.NUT 5000 Research Methods in Nutrition and FoodsNUT 5200 Lifecycle Nutrition for Public Health Nutrition ProfessionalsNUT 5350 Public Health Nutrition Leadership and PracticeNUT 5475 Public Health Nutrition CapstoneFor the Public Health Nutrition Concentration, admission to candidacy requires successful academic performance during first year of program. See the academic standards for retention in the program in the department Graduate Nutrition Handbook for further information.Not required for the Public Health Nutrition Concentration.Product of Learning: Capstone project required for Public Health Nutrition Concentration.

Required Entrance Exam: GRE

Required number of references to specify in the online form: 3

All applications for a given entry term will be weighed based upon the number of seats available and the quality of the complete application packages.

A successful match for the Dietetic Internship through DICAS is required.

The University of TampaRanked 24 in Best Regional University in South Coast.

M.S. in Exercise and Nutrition Science

College description: There is currently one graduate assistantship with partial tuition waiver and living stipend.The graduate assistant is expected to maintain a full-time schedule and will be required to work a minimum of 15 hours per week in the human performance laboratory.

Students are admitted on a rolling basis for the M.S. in Exercise and Nutrition Science program. Because there are a limited number of seats each semester, students should apply early. Once your application is complete, students can expect a decision within two to three weeks.

The following documents are required to process your application::

1. Online application

2. $40 non-refundable application fee (fee waiver possible upon request)

3. Official transcripts from each university or college attended; must show a GPA of 3.0 or higher

4. Two professional reference forms (PDF) completed by individuals that attest to your professional background and academic potential

5. Résumé

6. Personal statement (500-1,000 words) on a topic of your choosing, such as why you wish to pursue this degree or why you want to attend UT

7. TOEFL/IELTS score if international applicant

The GRE is not required.

Lasell CollegeRanked 27 in Best Regional College in North.

Master in Nutrition Admission Requirements

College description: Anatomy Physiology , Kinesiology , Nutrition , and StatisticsA cumulative grade point average of 3.0 is recommended for recent college graduates with fewer than 3 years of professional work experience.

GRE/GMAT scores are not required for admission. All other applicants must submit a TOEFL/IELTS score.

Benedictine University

Master Degree in Nutrition and Wellness

College description: The Dietetic Internship is a unique program that has a general emphasis with a focus in Public Health Community Nutrition. In just 18 months, students are able to complete the internship as well as their M.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics.The DI rotations consist of experiences in hospitals, long term care sub acute clinical, food service, maternal and child health, elderly nutrition, community, and much !Graduate program admission through Benedictine University Be sure to follow all application guidelines carefully in order to be considered for acceptance into the program.If a student does not match to the DI program, applicant may wish to pursue the Master of Science Nutrition and Wellness degree. Enrolling in this degree may be helpful in obtaining a future internship match. The university DI program may accept 6 Benedictine University students to the DI annually.Upon satisfactory completion of the program, the intern will be a competent entry-level dietitian, eligible to for active membership in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and able to take the Registered Examination for credentialing as an RDN.Upon completion of this master degree coursework, including the Dietetic Internship concentration, the student will receive a Dietetics Practice Verification Statement. This Verification Statement enables the graduate to take the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist examination administered by the Commission on Dietetics RegistrationThe program is a combined master degree dietetic internship.

A GRE score is not required for the program. Applicants may submit a GRE score as part of their application if desired. References and Letter of Intent will receive more weight in application process without a GRE score.

Applicant will do all the required MSNW online education coursework via the Internet.

Applicants must have a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited university and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 point scale.

Nutrition Sciences Online Masters programs at Benedictine University

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