Masters programs in Anthropology which do not require GRE - Updated 2021

University of Chicago: As applicant prepare their application materials, please also know that the Anthropology no longer requires GRE scores as part of the application process.GRE scores are not required for application and are not part of the department’s evaluation process.

Stanford University: Please Beginning in the academic year, the GRE test score will no longer be required for admission to the graduate program in Anthropology.

Masters programs in Anthropology which do not require GRE - Updated 2021

Stanford UniversityRanked 4 in Best National University.

Graduate Degree Programs

College description: Anthropology is devoted to the study of human beings and human societies as they exist across time and space. Education in Anthropology provides excellent preparation for living in a multicultural and globally-interconnected world, and helps to equip students for careers in fields including law, medicine, business, public service, research, ecological sustainability, and resource management. Students may pursue degrees in Anthropology at the bachelor master and doctoral levels.The Anthropology offers a wide range of approaches to the topics and area studies within the field, including archaeology, ecology, environmental anthropology, evolution, linguistics, medical anthropology, political economy, science and technology studies, and sociocultural anthropology.In addition to gaining an excellent foundation for graduate research and study, students majoring in Anthropology can pursue careers in government, international business, international development agencies, international education, law, mass media, nonprofit organizations, and public policy.An understanding of core knowledge within the Anthropology discipline.The purpose of the master program is to further develop knowledge and skills in Anthropology and to prepare students for a professional career or doctoral studies.Through completion of advanced course work and rigorous skills training, the doctoral program prepares students to make original contributions to the knowledge of Anthropology and to interpret and present the results of such research.The department offers research grants to support individually-designed and other summer field research in Anthropology.

Submission of the Stanford University Electronic Graduate Admissions Application by the published deadline.

Please DO NOT submit official, paper-based copies of transcripts with the graduate application submission by 1 December 2020.

GRE general test is no longer required

Submission of a statement of purpose detailing academic and professional preparation for the Anthropology graduate degree program.

Submission of three letters of recommendation, only. A private letter/credentialing service is not permitted. All letters should be received by the published deadline. It is the applicant’s responsibility to communicate with each recommender to ensure that the department’s deadline for submission of the electronic graduate application will be met.

Although requesting department evaluation for MA if not accepted to PhD is an option provided in the University Graduate Application, the Department of Anthropology does not offer this option. The department reserves the right to offer admission to an applicant for the MA or PhD regardless of the desired program stated in the Graduate Application.

The selection of Ph.D. students admitted to the Department of Anthropology is based on an individualized, holistic review of each application, including the applicant's academic record, the letters of recommendation, test scores, if required, for the TOEFL, the statement of purpose, personal qualities and characteristics, and past accomplishments.

The selection of PhD students admitted to the Department of Anthropology is based on an individualized, holistic review of each application, including the applicant's academic record, the letters of recommendation, TOEFL test scores if required, the statement of purpose, personal qualities and characteristics, and past accomplishments.

MSTP application in conjunction with social science PhD programs is only permitted for current Stanford MD students previously admitted to a social science PhD program, through their PhD application process.

University of ChicagoRanked 4 in Best National University.

Admissions Process

College description: The University of Chicago’s Anthropology is one of the leading centers of socio-cultural, linguistic, and archaeological research in the United States. In research seminars, workshops, conferences, and weekly colloquium, MAPSS students have the opportunity to interact with senior scholars and doctoral students in a collaborative and supportive environment.MAPSS has long enjoyed a close and collaborative relationship with the Anthropology. Approximately 40 MAPSS students concentrate in Anthropology each year. Morrie Fred, a Senior Lecturer in MAPSS, holds a PhD in Anthropology and a JD in Law. He teaches courses in Ethnographic Methods, the Anthropology of Museums, the Anthropology of Disability, and the Anthropology of Law. Recent MAPSS graduates have gone on for the Anthropology PhD at NYU, UC-Irvine, UChicago, and Stanford, to name a few.This graduate seminar will review theoretical positions and debates in the burgeoning fields of medical anthropology and science and technology studies By highlighting the epistemological foundations of modern biology and medicine, the remainder of this seminar will then focus on major perspectives in, and responses to, critical studies of health and medicine, subjectivity and the body, humanitarianism, and psychological anthropology.This is not a survey course the current state of the Anthropology of Migration and Travel.This seminar explores issues in environmental anthropology through the conceptual, methodological, and ethical challenges posed by speculative philosophies at the edge of reason and the intersection of nature, technology, and science.Presentations will come from a variety of fields including but not limited to linguistics, psychology, sociology, political science, literary theory, and anthropology.Critically analyzing the burgeoning literature on ethnographic practice and theory, and focusing on carefully formulated empirical studies in particular locations, this workshop aims to locate the theoretical position of North America within the field of anthropology and related disciplines.As always, the university strive to create a constructive and creative conversation between archaeologists of different disciplinary persuasions, one that encourages new questions, new interpretive frameworks, and invigorates both the university common concerns as archaeologists as well as the university ties to the university various ally disciplines, including socio-cultural anthropology, history, art history, geography, and area studies.Sociocultural anthropology globalization and transnational processes, mobility and migration, economy and value, ritual life, material culture, media and technology, state regulatory regimes China.Linguistic anthropology, politics of communication, sociolinguistics, social theory, gender, ethnicity European studies, postsocialism.Sociocultural anthropology, Cuba, Afro-Caribbean religions, forms of historical consciousness, constructions of race and ethnicity, embodiment and personhood, food and cuisine, science and rationality.Sociocultural anthropology indigeneity governance servitude and citizenship the ethics of exchange historical consciousness embodiment political subjectivity, bureaucracy and its mediatory technologies environmental reform materiality and place critical theory Latin America.Linguistic anthropology semiotics mass media and film theory trademark law, brands, and counterfeiting youth culture Tamil Nadu, India.

There has been no change to graduate student funding levels or the standard admission process or the December 1 deadline for applications.

As applicant prepare their application materials, please also know that the Department of Anthropology no longer requires GRE scores as part of the application process.

The Candidate Statement is a very important part of the application. The candidate statement must be limited to 2,500 words. GRE scores are not required for application and are not part of the department’s evaluation process.

This year’s application due date is December 1.

The university application process is now entirely online All supporting material—including letters of recommendation, transcripts, and writing samples—must be submitted electronically through the online application.

University of MiamiRanked 48 in Best National University.

M.A. in Anthropology University of Miami

A minimum of 18 months in residency is also required for this option.

Graduate students are expected to maintain an overall GPA of 3.0.

Transcripts must show a 3.0 GPA in anthropology and no less than 3.0 for the overall GPA.

Students with lower averages may be admitted provisionally with higher than minimum GRE scores and supporting materials from referees on a case-by-case basis.

A cogent written statement will be used in evaluating the applicants’ ability for written expression, as well as their fit with the university strengths and offerings.

While there is no GRE requirement, students can submit GRE scores if they choose.

A written thesis with an open defense is required.

University of Maryland-College ParkRanked 62 in Best National University.

Anthropology Department

College description: MAIT -​ Masters in the Mathematics of Advanced Industrial Tech.Anthropology and Historic Preservation, Master of Applied Anthropology and Master of Historic PreservationA total of 66 credit hours are required for the MAA MHP dual degree.

Applicants are expected to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 3.0 A degree in Anthropology is recommended, but not required for admission.

If applicant are interested in attending on a part-time basis please indicate this in their application.

All application materials should be received by January 5, 2021.

All materials must be complete or received in order for their application to be considered complete. Please complete their application by January 5, 2021 for consideration for fall 2021.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all materials have been received for the application to the university graduate program.

The electronic submission of application materials helps expedite the review of an application. To ensure the integrity of the application process, the University of Maryland authenticates submitted materials through TurnItIn for Admissions.

San Diego State UniversityRanked 127 in Best National University.


College description: One course may be substituted with another upper division anthropology course with consent of the department.However, applicant can streamline their time here at SDSU by using anthropology courses to satisfy some of their GE requirements.Finally, there is a specific list of pre-approved courses offered by other departments than can be counted towards the Anthropology Major elective requirement.No than six units of AI courses may apply to General Education.From the Grave: Modern Forensic AnthropologyNo than six units of American Institutions courses may apply to General Education.The university accomplish this through the university strengths, a holistic four-field approach and engaging the university students in a wide variety of hands-on opportunities, including fieldwork, lab work, and internships.PLG 1 Working knowledge of key conceptsStudents will have working knowledge of the key concepts and principles employed in anthropology.PLG 2 Working knowledge of theoryStudents will develop a working knowledge of theory in anthropology.DLO 1 Key Concepts Students will be able to: Explain and discuss basic concepts in biological anthropology, socio-cultural anthropology, archaeology, and linguistic anthropology , as well as in applied practicing anthropology.DLO 2 Theory Students will be able to: Discuss contrasting theoretical approaches in biological anthropology, socio-cultural anthropology, archaeology, and linguistic anthropology. Analyze and critique relevant literature in anthropology.

Have attained at least a 3.0 GPA on all work leading to the bachelor’s degree and subsequent post-baccalaureate coursework;

The GRE requirement has been suspended for the Fall 2021 admissions cycle.

Deadline to submit is December 15, 2020.

Each applicant must submit the California State University common application electronically to at Cal State Apply along with the nonrefundable application fee.

Deadline to submit isJanuary 12, 2021.

Sending transcripts before submitting the Cal State Apply application will result in processing delays.

Hard copy SDSU transcripts are not required.

The statement of purpose should be limited to 2-3 single-spaced pages and clearly articulate their intended research interests, including geographical interests Their statement should not be an extended narrative about personal history, except as relevant to their research plans.

Recommenders will be invited to complete the recommendation electronically.

The Master of Arts degree in Anthropology consists of at least 30 units of graduate courses with a 3.0 GPA.

To be eligible for TA, GA, or ISA positions applicant must be admitted at SDSU, have classified graduate standing, be registered for at least six units of graduate courses, and maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA.

Applicant may apply for financial aid while their application for admission is being processed.

Must take the general GRE. The department application does not require an official copy of the GRE scores. The CSU application, however, does require an official copy. Please note that the GRE requirement has been suspended for the Fall 2021 admission cycle.

Humboldt State UniversityRanked 58 in Best Regional University in West Coast.

MA Applied Anthropology Application Process

College description: ANTH 670 Introduction to Applied Anthropology.ANTH 671 Methods in Applied Anthropology.ANTH 672 Theory in Applied Anthropology.ANTH 670 Introduction to Applied AnthropologyANTH 671 Methods in Applied AnthropologyANTH 672 Theory in Applied AnthropologyANTH 673 Anthropology Careers Management StrategyKeep close track of HSU Graduate Studies deadlines and requirements, such as final deadlines for submitting their Advancement to Candidacy Graduation forms, any variations waivers, their final thesis, and registration for graduation.Plan for at least one final round of approval after comments from their entire committee prior to submitting the final version to Graduate Studies.Schedule a 1.5 hour in-person Skype oral defense of thesis before final thesis submission to Graduate Studies.If students complete all 6 thesis units before the thesis is completed, students shall enroll in one unit per semester to maintain Graduate Continuous Enrollment.

Applications completed after February 1 will subsequently be considered in the order received – April 1 is the final deadline. Application to the Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology is a four-step process.

GRE scores are not required, but applicants may submit them as demonstration of academic ability if they desire.

A $55.00 application fee is required at time of application.

Curriculum Vitae

Delayed transcripts are the #1 reason for application delays.

If submitting GRE scores , please use the ETS-GRE score sending service.

Make sure all application materials are submitted online through CSU Mentor , transcripts are postmarked to HSU , and GRE scores are submitted to Humboldt State University by the deadline Be sure their letter writers submit their letters of recommendation by the deadline.

Once applicant log in, applicant can navigate to the Student Center where applicant will be able to see a list of any outstanding application materials applicant might need.

Yale UniversityRanked 3 in Best National University.

The Graduate Program

College description: Yale University’s Department of Anthropology was officially founded in 1937 and traces its origins of research and teaching to work done within the Peabody Museum of Natural History and the Institute of Human Relations

Application to Transfer Credit from Outside Yale

The general Graduate Record Examination scores are required. GRE Sociology Subject Test scores are not required. Test of English as a Foreign Language scores are required for international students whose native tongue is not English.

A personal interview is not required.

In the third and fourth years students are required to serve as teaching fellows to receive their stipend.

The deadline for Fall admission is January 2.

Vanderbilt UniversityRanked 16 in Best National University.

Vanderbilt Sociology

College description: Anthropology is a holistic discipline, centered on the study of human cultures. Using methods from both the sciences and the humanities, anthropology helps us to understand the world around us.The discipline of Anthropology includes four major sub-fields: Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, and Linguistics.Social and Cultural Anthropology is the study of contemporary societies, their social organization, ideologies, beliefs, and practices. Classes at Vanderbilt introduce students to the anthropology of North, Central, and South America. They address a broad variety of topics, including medical anthropology the anthropology of religion activism gender cognitive anthropology and globalization, from various theoretical perspectives.As a subdiscipline of anthropology, archaeology is both a set of investigative methods and an ever-changing body of knowledge and theory human socio-cultural diversity and change.Biological anthropology focuses on biological and biocultural aspects of human experiences. Dr. Jada Benn Torres is a bioanthropologist with a focus in Genetic Anthropology, a sub-discipline within Biological Anthropology borrows the tools and techniques of molecular genetics to address anthropological questions.In Vanderbilt anthropology program, Senior Lecturer Mareike Sattler focuses on modern Mayan languages. The University offers courses in linguistic anthropology and Mayan languages.As a holistic field, Vanderbilt Anthropology also benefits from its association with interdisciplinary centers including the Center for Latin American and Iberian Studies, and the Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities and the Center for Digital Humanities.

GRE verbal and quantitative scores

Carnegie Mellon UniversityRanked 25 in Best National University.

MAPW 4+1 for CMU Students

Students apply for admissions during their junior or senior year and, following admission and evaluation of their transcripts, may receive credit for up to four courses, or one full semester of work, toward their M.A. requirements.

The MAPW usually requires 3 semesters of coursework for a total of 12 courses plus a required internship.

The application includes specific instruction on these.

University of California-San DiegoRanked 37 in Best National University.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego

College description: The Department of Anthropology offers graduate training in sociocultural, psychological, linguistic, archaeology, and biological anthropology. The graduate program is designed to provide the theoretical background and the methodological skills necessary for a career in research and teaching anthropology at the university level, and for the application of anthropological knowledge to contemporary problems.

Statement of Purpose - Applicants should describe individual strengths and interests, as well as their rationale for applying to the MAS program at Scripps as opposed to other programs.

Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution of higher education with a 3.0 GPA minimum.

Test of English as a Foreign Language : for international applicants only.

Applicant may submit GRE/GMAT results if applicant feel they will greatly strengthen their application.

The application asks for preliminary Capstone ideas.

The application includes an application fee of $105 for the students.S. citizens and permanent residents, and $125 for international applicants that can be paid with a major credit card.

University of California-IrvineRanked 42 in Best National University.

Sociology Ph.D.

College description: UCI’s Anthropology is known for its collegiality, creative teaching and research, and leading role developing new methods, theory and applications of anthropological knowledge.UCI anthropology graduate students move through a carefully designed series of courses that focus in the first year on the field’s history and theory then in the second year on ethnographic methods and research design. Graduate students also take a wide array of elective courses, both in and outside the department.Ph.D. a master degree is earned while in pursuit of the Ph.D.Best anthropology program in the the students.S. Center for a Public Anthropology.UCI anthropology offers admitted students 6-7 years of guaranteed funding.UCI anthropology is vibrant in many ways!

All applicants for the PhD programs must apply online using the UCI Online Application for Graduate Admissions

The deadline for applications is December 2nd.

Application Fee - US $105 ; US $125

The GRE General Test is required of all applicants for PhD admission.

The university cannot accept GMAT, LSAT, or MCAT scores in place of the GREs. the University of California-Irvine does not require that applicants file scores from any of the various GRE tests available.

Test of English as a Foreign Language and International English Language Testing System

The internet-based TOEFL is required of all international applicants except citizens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Neither can the university waive the requirement for current TOEFL or IELTS scores.

TOEFL-ibt or IELTS test scores for Fall admission must be dated no earlier than February of the previous year.

Applicants are not required to apply separately for admission and financial support.

The University of California-Irvine gives careful consideration to letters of recommendation, to the skills and capacities evidenced by writing samples, and to educational achievements indicated by test scores, grade-point averages, and academic honors.

Particularly qualified applicants across the various subfields are encouraged to consider extramural application to nationally competitive graduate fellowship programs.

For example, if applicant have a deadline of Oct. The university understand that sometimes applicant may not find out about an opportunity till very close to the deadline, but please try to help us out by giving us the advance notice whenever possible.

If the agency is providing just a flat stipend and doesn't request a budget, then the budget documents are not required.

Prepare a clear, well organized proposal, following application guidelines.

Additional forms, such as financial disclosure , may be required.

The tuition, fees, and charges posted to their billing statement or account are estimates based on currently approved amounts.

The non-refundable eTech Fee is required of all students and is used to support the maintenance and improvement of existing education technology, and new services and capabilities.

University of IowaRanked 71 in Best National University.

M.A. or Ph.D. in sociology

Admission requirements for M.A. or Ph.D. in sociology at the University of Iowa:

1.An undergraduate grade-point average of at least 3.25.

2.International students whose native language is not English should submit scores from the TOEFL exam.


GRE scores are not required for M.A. or Ph.D. in sociology at the University of Iowa.

4.Applicants must complete a departmental application statement and use its personal reference forms in obtaining three letters of recommendation.

5.Submit prior academic performance.

6.The applicant's statement of reasons for pursuing advanced work in sociology.

Indiana University-BloomingtonRanked 76 in Best National University.


College description: JSTOR journals are indexed in Anthropology Plus too.Anthropology Plus is the go-to database for all of their Anthropology research!

To complete their application file, the university require their application, official transcripts from all colleges and universities applicant’ve attended, their statement of purpose, a writing sample, a minimum of 3 letters of recommendation, GRE scores, and for international applicants, TOEFL scores.

There is no separate form for the statement of purpose.

The Indiana University-Bloomington consider 300-500 words an appropriate length for the Statement of Purpose.

All applicants are required to take the GRE General Test.

The GRE Sociology Subject Test is not required.

Please bear in mind that the university examine each application carefully and idiosyncratic or unusual circumstances are taken into consideration.

If applicant believe applicant might qualify for this fellowship, please indicate their background in German in the personal statement of goals that is part of the application materials.

During the first year of graduate study, students typically take six courses, many of them required for the Ph.D. During the Fall semester, most students will take S558 and either S540 or S530

DePaul UniversityRanked 121 in Best National University.

Graduate Admission Process

To begin the application process, please submit their application online. Applicant may submit their non-refundable $40 application fee at the end of the application via credit card or e-check or send a check/money order made payable to DePaul University with their supplementary application materials.

International students must submit additional documents to complete a graduate application.

Supporting materials may be required in addition to the online application and official transcripts.

Most programs require a one- to two-page statement explaining the applicant's academic goals, career plans, and reasons for selecting the graduate program.

Letters of recommendation can be submitted through the online application.

Most programs do not require the GRE.

For the most up-to-date information, please log into their application portal.

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