GRE and GPA requirements for admission to Best Universities in Community Psychology - Updated 2021

GRE and GPA requirements for admission to Best Universities in Community Psychology - Updated 2020

For admissions to masters degree program in Community Psychology at Best Universities, GRE, GPA requirements are

University of South Carolina-ColumbiaRanked 113 in Best National University.

Clinical Community Program

College description: Students demonstrate an understanding of diversity issues and multi-cultural sensitivity issues in their own work and the broader field of psychology.A minimum of 69 credit hours of course and practica work and 12 hours of dissertation work are required beyond the baccalaureate degree.PSYC 773 Research in Clinical-Community PsychologyPSYC 760 Issues and Ethics in Clinical-Community Psychology.Psychology courses numbered 700The Ph.D. degree in clinical-community psychology also requires successful completion of qualifying requirements , a general comprehensive examination , a specialty comprehensive examination , an oral comprehensive examination, and a predoctoral research internship.Students have the option of declaring a concentration in Quantitative Methods in Psychology.The Ph.D. degree in clinical-community psychology also requires successful completion of qualifying requirements , a general comprehensive examination , a specialty comprehensive examination , an oral comprehensive examination, and a predoctoral research internship.

The clinical-community psychology program offers the Ph.D. degree for students who seek to be clinical scientists and researchers scholars. Applicants for the Ph.D. program in clinical-community psychology who do not already have a research-based master’s degree in psychology are required to earn the M.A. in Psychology in the course of earning their Ph.D. degree.

Ohio University-Main CampusRanked 127 in Best National University.

Psychology and Social Work Clinic

Checklist and Timeline for Masters DegreeChecklist and Timeline for Doctoral DegreeSome clients will not be an appropriate match for services at the Psychology and Social Work Clinic, and a referral is necessary to a more suitable agency.

Pacifica Graduate Institute

Community, Liberation, Indigenous, Ecopsychology

College description: In this specialization the university study critical community psychology, an orientation to community psychology that embraces the values of social justice, emancipatory praxis, empowerment, and inclusion of people who have been marginalized by hegemonic structures in society.

It challenges epistemologies, ideologies, and worldviews—including those of mainstream psychology–to reflect on how these perpetuate conditions of injustice and oppression.

Critical community psychologists work with communities to legitimize popular knowledge, generate new, inclusive knowledge, develop innovative paradigms, and envision radical transformative praxis.

In authentic collaboration with local people and the places they inhabit, critical community psychologists co-construct knowledge, imagine new possibilities, and work to implement and evaluate such possibilities to promote social change and individual and community well-being.

Critical community psychology must address the global challenges of the university time such as poverty caused by colonization and neo-colonization, war, racism, xenophobia, forced migration, unemployment, man-made environmental disasters, and corporate monoculturalism.

To address these challenges, psychology must be of necessity transdisciplinary.

Critical community psychology must address issues of environmental injustice, and help communities grapple with the effects of pollution, climate change, water and food shortage, while working together to transform actions and policies that maintain and aggravate these egregious situations.

Students requesting a medically restricted diet are asked to include with their dietary form a prescription or letter from a doctor outlining their dietary requirements or restrictions. These letters are used by the kitchen staff as guidelines for customized menu preparation.Students must complete a total of 90 quarter units for the Ph.D. to fulfill the degree requirements for graduation.Students must have completed all requirements for the M.A. degree and have an approved concept paper before enrolling in Dissertation Writing.

Dartmouth CollegeRanked 11 in Best National University.

Psychological and Brain Sciences

Three letters of recommendation from persons having knowledge of the training and experience of the applicant.Note that the GRE is no longer required for admission to the program.

Cornell UniversityRanked 15 in Best National University.

Fields of Study

College description: Other Opportunities to Participate in the Psychology Community.The Psychology community at Cornell is large and offers several opportunities to be involved, develop professional skills, and to network.Psi Chi is the International Honors Society in Psychology.Similarly, the university department hosts the Graduate Research Seminar every spring semester, where Psychology Department Graduate Students present their original research.

Only applicants seeking the Ph.D. degree are accepted. Applicants must submit GRE general test scores in addition to transcripts of the record, three letters of recommendation, and a personal statement of interests. Applicants are not required to submit scores on the GRE subject test in psychology, or to have had an major in psychology. The closing date for applications is December 1st.

Vanderbilt UniversityRanked 16 in Best National University.

Psychological Sciences

Students in the QM doctoral program develop expertise in the principles of research design and in the theoretical foundations and application of advanced statistical models for human behavior. Students may pursue greater or lesser degrees of substantive psychological training, in addition to quantitative training, depending on their and their advisors' interests.This unique context exposes QM students to a variety of applications, methods, and statistical problems that arise in psychological and educational research, as well as the social sciences generally.Within the QM program, course offerings include correlation and regression analysis of variance psychological and educational measurement multivariate analysis psychological, field, and clinical research methods item response theory exploratory graphical data analysis structural equation modeling factor analysis latent growth curve modeling behavior genetics methods categorical data analysis multilevel modeling mixture modeling nonparametric statistics individual differences causal analysis in field experiments and quasi-experiments and meta-analysis.

University of Michigan-Ann ArborRanked 29 in Best National University.

Clinical Science Admissions

To please complete the official Rackham Graduate Application form by uploading a Personal Statement, Statement of Purpose, and transcripts. Applicant will need to register their recommendations so that they may submit their recommendation .The university view the entire application package of all applicants and select those best fit for the university program.It is highly recommended that all applicants take the Psychology subject test of the GRE. Applicant will be asked to overall score and percentile rank and upload a PDF copy of their score report into the application.

University of RochesterRanked 33 in Best National University.

Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology

Results of GREs taken in December may not reach us in time to consider with their application.

Case Western Reserve UniversityRanked 38 in Best National University.

Psychological Sciences

The Doctor of Philosophy degree in Clinical Psychology is awarded for demonstration of advanced knowledge of the symptoms and empirically supported treatments for clinical psychology disorders.The graduate program Communication Sciences in the Psychological Sciences at Case Western Reserve University offers a full-time 5 semester M.A. clinical degree. Graduates with a degree in speech-language pathology are able to pursue careers in fields that are challenging, stimulating, and rewarding.

Pepperdine UniversityRanked 54 in Best National University.

MA in Teaching

The university ask that applicant have a 3.0 cumulative GPA from their bachelor program however, the university review all applications holistically for individuals who show potential for success in the university program.

Tulane University of LouisianaRanked 54 in Best National University.

Graduate Dissertation Titles

Chair: Stacy Overstreet Toward a Greater Understanding of Community Violence: Event Features That Shape the Experience and Impact Mental Health FunctioningChristenson Mate Guarding Intensity in Relation to Degree of Potential Sperm Competition in the Orb Weaving Spider Nephila ClavipesLandis On the Importance of Balancing Organizational Stakeholders: Investigating Climate Perceptions Using Referent Cognitions and Polynomial RegressionDunlap A Comparison of Structural Equation and Moderated Multiple Regression Methods for Detecting Interaction Effects among Manifest VariablesO'Neal Aggression and Racism: Affective and Inhibitory Mechanisms

Southern Methodist UniversityRanked 58 in Best National University.

Advice for Psychology Graduates

It has rich detail facets of the application process than the Getting In book.This book specifically trains students for the GRE Psychology exam and is thus extremely useful to any psychology student wishing to pursue a Masters or a PhD.This timetable pretty much covers everything, so if applicant follow it, applicant will be in great shape.PSI CHI: The National Honor Society in Psychology Another great way to make yourself look good when applying to a graduate program.The other two books provide substantial guidance on the actual application process and what graduate programs look for.Ask for Letters of RecommendationDr. Ann Fischer, of Southern Illinois University, offers thoughtful advice on what information applicant should give their letter writers so they can do the best job on their behalf.Get Good Letters of Recommendation advice from Dr. Margaret Lloyd Careers in Psychology Page. Plus, the single best thing applicant can do to get a good letter of recommendation.Writing Effective Personal StatementsExcellent suggestions for the personal statement including self-analysis questions, general advice, some examples of successful statements, and invaluable advice from admissions representatives.Writer HandbookWhat is the personal statement and the application essay This site explains what they are, gives tips on writing them, and answers . It also provides spaces for applicant to write notes, draft parts of their essay, and get some extra help.Resume ResourcesA collection of resume resources on the Web provided by the same site that will help answer all their resume questions.GRE Test PreparationFind out the GRE and answer some sample questions from Peterson .com.Interviewing at a University that is considering their application will be informative but stressful.Take a look at their newsletter and see what they offer for graduates who join.Applicant have to register , but the perks include posting their resume on a database and searching job classifieds.

Marquette UniversityRanked 76 in Best National University.


Three letters of reference from individuals familiar with the applicant’s academic work and or research experience.Graduate Record Examination test scoresA TOEFL score or other acceptable proof of English proficiency.Students obtain a master’s degree while in the doctoral program.Readiness is evaluated by both a review of the student’s graduate study portfolio and a clinical exam, which entails an oral examination of necessary clinical skills.A public defense of the dissertation is conducted only after the student has completed all other formal requirements for the doctoral degree, with the possible exception of the internship.Designed to provide a pragmatic and conceptual understanding of single subject experimental design and its role in both science and application.Designed to provide an introduction to and survey of topics in the application and research of behavior analysis. Topics to be covered include: a review of basic learning principles, ABA research methods, and applications of ABA across a range of populations, settings and behaviors.Topics include: probability and hypothesis testing t-tests one-way, two-way, and repeated measures analysis of variance post-hoc and planned comparisons correlation bivariate regression nonparametric statistics power and effect size.Statistics covered include: multiple regression, logistic regression, multivariate analysis of variance and covariance, principal components analysis, and exploratory factor analysis.Primarily, seeks to enhance students' skills in the practical application of evaluation and intervention techniques.Analysis of social psychological theory and research, including self processes, attitudes, persuasion, social influence, prejudice, group behavior, interpersonal relationships, aggression, and helping behavior.Discusses the relevance of gender, age, and culture to cognitive process, as well as clinical applications.Designed to provide a survey of the theoretical and experimental foundations of the practice of behavior analysis, including the basic principles of learning and behavior and the role of translational research to create a bridge between basic science and application.A maximum of 6 credit hours can be applied to the degree.

University of Massachusetts-AmherstRanked 76 in Best National University.

Psychological and Brain Sciences

If applicant have an degree from an accredited the students.S. college or university and applicant submit a full transcript from that university, applicant will not have to take the English Language Test. If applicant do need the English Language Test, the TOEFL , or IELTS -only the academic version of test is accepted, or PTE AcademicLetters of recommendation should be from individuals who can evaluate the quality of their prior academic performance and their scholastic potential, as well as their personal characteristics.

University of DenverRanked 88 in Best National University.

MA Sport Coaching

Students may complete all of the degree requirements fully .

Kansas State UniversityRanked 127 in Best National University.

Psychological Sciences

This seven year limit does not to credits earned as part of the Master degree requirements. The requirements for the Ph.D. degree must be completed within five years after the semester in which the candidate successfully passes the preliminary exam.Admission to and completion of the Ph.D. program is not automatic upon receipt of the Master degree.Allow the student to attempt the Master degree but without admission to the Ph.D. program.Satisfactory performance in the examination is an indication that the student is prepared to perform independent work toward the doctoral degree and results in the student being classified as a doctoral candidate upon affirmative recommendation by the supervisory committee.Following the oral examination, committee members are not expected to sign the final ballot until they have had an opportunity to review a final, printed document that reflects any changes identified as necessary during the final oral examination.A final oral examination shall be required for a master degree.Students who begin the program with a bachelor degree will be considered for up to ten semesters of from the Psychology. Those beginning with a master degree will be considered for up to eight semesters of support. For example, if a student has a bachelor’s degree and has received two years of support from the Office of Assessment, then the Psychology may consider supporting the student for an additional three yearsAll full-time graduate students who are in the degree program and are supported by a 9-month campus stipend of .5 or must enroll for at least 6 semester hours during each semester of their appointment.The Psychology does not want to slow students’ progress by requiring them to duplicate graduate courses that they have completed at other accredited institutions. A distinction needs to be made between receiving formal transfer credit from a master’s degree taken at another institution and having a course requirement waivedFurther students who enter the program with a master’s degree will still be required to take 60 credit hours of research and coursework at Kansas State University in order to earn their doctoral degree.

Pacific UniversityRanked 25 in Best Regional University in West Coast).

For the Applied Psychological Science Program

The university application process is based on rolling admissions meaning the university start to make decisions as applications come in and interviews are complete.The admissions process is operated on a rolling admission basis, which means the program reviews and makes admission decisions as complete applications are received. It is beneficial to application as soon as possible.Official Academic Transcript: All applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited university. A minimum of a 3.0 GPA on the last 60 semester hours of letter-grade work earned before receipt of a bachelor is preferred.Two letters of recommendation from non-related individuals familiar with the student’s scholarly work and or relevant work experience.Resume curriculum vita that includes prior experience in research or clinical areas, awards and scholarships.

East Central University

MS Psychological Services

Admission to the Master of Science in Psychological Services Degree.Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 on all or graduate work in psychology or related field hours) .Have a minimum percentile score of 40% on the verbal, quantitative, or analytical section of the GRE.Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 on all coursework to date, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 in the last sixty hours of coursework, or have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 on at least nine hours of graduate coursework .Have submitted acceptable program application documentsConditional Admission Conditional admission may be granted to an applicant who has met the GPA requirement for unconditional admission but has not submitted all other required documentation and or completed the GRE The documentation, satisfactory completion of the GRE must be completed and processed before the student may enroll in the second semester.No than nine hours of graduate credit earned while on provisional admission status will count toward a degree.Complete an East Central University Application for Admission Readmission.This MSPS degree qualifies an individual to work in applied areas of psychology under supervision.The grade mark P indicates pass without an exact grade the grade mark W indicates withdrawn the grade mark AW indicates administrative withdrawal the temporary grade mark N indicates the semester grade was not submitted by the instructor by the appropriate deadline.Credit with grades of D will not satisfy degree requirements.Students please be advised that the courses applicant choose to enroll in MUST be a required course or an elective course in their degree program. Financial Aid regulations dictate that any graduate student who is seeking financial aid must be enrolled in AT LEAST five credit hours during the fall, spring, or summer semester and the courses MUST be in the degree program.
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