Best Veterinary Medicine graduate PHD programs - Updated 2021

Ranked as: #47 in Best National University
Tuition: $10,728
State: WI
Acceptance: 54.41%
The goal of the program is to provide training that results in an excellent education in veterinary medicine and completion of requirements for the PhD degree within a total of eight years. A requirement of the program is that the student complete PhD training and defend their dissertation research prior to receiving the DVM degree. Within this requirement, modifications can be made regarding timing of various aspects of training, but it is anticipated that the effort committed to the DVM and PhD degrees will be consistent with that of students pursuing only one of these degrees.

Dual DVM PhD Training Program

University of Wisconsin-Madison GRE score and admission requirements for graduate programs in Health Professions
Ranked as: #62 in Best National University
Tuition: $9,208
State: IN
Acceptance: 59.83%
Purdue Veterinary Medicine has a variety of educational opportunities waiting for you when you are ready. You can pursue a Veterinary Nursing degree or a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, explore graduate programs, or expand your expertise through an internship, residency, or continuing education program. The veterinary profession is a diverse, exciting and rewarding occupation that allows for pursuits in a variety of fields including community health, food resource management, wildlife preservation, marine biology and many others. It allows you to take your passions and apply them to advance both animal and human health.

Educational Programs

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