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2 accredited Universities offer online Master's program in Pharmacology. The tuiton for online Master's can range from $10,514 to $35,628. Find admission requirements, credits required for completion and compare the online master's program between these universities.

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The Master of Science degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology is an online program designed to train individuals in molecular, cellular and organ systems pharmacology. All courses are offered online in order to provide full opportunity for students regardless of their geographic location, work schedules, or family responsibilities.

MS in Pharmacology Toxicology Admission Pre-Fall Semester 2018

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This course will encompass the basic concepts of veterinary forensic toxicology including basic principles of veterinary toxicology, legal aspects of veterinary toxicology, utilization of veterinary diagnostic laboratories in forensic cases, conducting veterinary toxicology field investigations, history-taking, and proper collection, handling and preservation of samples. Species-relevant aspects of veterinary toxicology will be covered.

Veterinary Forensic Toxicology Veterinary Forensic Sciences Online Graduate Programs College of Veterinary Medicine University

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