Best online master's programs in Engineering Mechanics - Updated 2021

7 accredited Universities offer online Master's program in Engineering Mechanics. The tuiton for online Master's can range from $20,511 to $36,254. Find admission requirements, credits required for completion and compare the online master's program between these universities.

Engineering is projected to grow 6 percent from 2016 to 2026, as fast as average for all occupations. Median pay for Engineering in 2018 was $134,730. The number of jobs were 178390.

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State: PA
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A maximum of 2 c.u. of MEAM 099 may be applied toward the B.A.S. or B.S.E. degree requirements. This hands-on, project-based course covers the fundamentals of the modern mechanical design process, from needfinding and brainstorming to the basics of computerized manufacturing and rapid prototyping. Topics include: product definition (needfinding, observation, sketching, and brainstorming) computer-aided design (part creation, assemblies, and animation using SolidWorks) fundamental engineering design practices (material selection, dimensioning, tolerances, etc.) basic computer simulation and analysis and rapid prototyping (laser cutter, 3-D fused-deposition modeling, and an introduction to computer-controlled machining). Notes: This course is available to all Engineering majors.

Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics University of Pennsylvania

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Tuition: -
State: WI
Acceptance: -
The first course of a two-course series to earn a private pilot license. This first course will teach students all of the ground school subjects necessary to become a private pilot. Lecture topics include aircraft structure, mechanical systems, flight instruments and avionics, aerodynamics, aircraft performance, aviation meteorology, airport operations, navigation, aeromedical factors, rules and regulations. In-class discussion will center around PC-based simulation scenarios that feature classroom demonstrations of the theory taught online.

Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics University of Wisconsin-Madison

GRE score required at University of Wisconsin-Madison master's degree programs in Engineering Mechanics
Ranked as: #53 in Best National University
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State: TX
Acceptance: -
Students should consult the Course Schedule to determine which courses and topics will be offered during a particular semester or summer session. Physical basis of plastic deformation mathematical theory of incremental plasticity total theories numerical implementation slip and physical theories of plastic deformation rate dependent (viscoplastic) models applications to several engineering problems. Three lecture hours a week for one semester.

Graduate Courses The University of Texas at Austin

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Tuition: -
State: IN
Acceptance: -
Gain understanding of current methods to compute fracture and fatigue in engineering materials and structures. Prediction of the failure of engineering structure employing computational methods. Continuum models for material failure in brittle and ductile materials. Cohesive zone models for material failure.

Computational Fracture Mechanics Course

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Tuition: -
State: VA
Acceptance: -
ESM ESM 5004 Strategies and techniques for effective scholarly and professional communication. Preparation for writing journal and conference papers, developing grant proposals. Critical analysis of the presentation of research articles and grant proposals. Designing and presenting conference talks and posters.

Scientific Communication in Engineering Mechanics

Ranked as: #88 in Best National University
Tuition: -
State: AL
Acceptance: -
A list of current degree requirements and additional information can be found on the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics website. A research-based degree, students are required to propose, complete and defend an approved dissertation on a research topic that contributes to the field of aerospace engineering and or engineering science and mechanics.

Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, Ph.D.

Ranked as: #116 in Best National University
Tuition: -
State: MI
Acceptance: -
The mean annual salary for mechanical engineers is $91,500 with the top 10% earning $1 ,900(US BLS). Join one of the nation largest mechanical engineering departments and work with scholars to achieve technological, environmental, industrial, and societal sustainability. Eighty percent of our PhD graduates work in industry.This distance-learning, research-based PhD maintains the high standards of Michigan Tech graduate education.

Online Doctorate of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics (PhD)

GRE score required at Michigan Technological University master's degree programs in Engineering Mechanics
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