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5 accredited Universities offer online Master's program in Astronomy. The tuiton for online Master's can range from $17,904 to $29,230. Find admission requirements, credits required for completion and compare the online master's program between these universities.

Atmospheric and Physical Sciences is projected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than average for all occupations. Median pay for Atmospheric and Physical Sciences in 2018 was $119,850. The number of jobs were 54780.

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State: CA
Acceptance: -
I am interested in finding a career in Astronomy. I took a fantastic introductory astrophysics course, and I was especially excited how astronomers could apply their knowledge of local physics and math to understand phenomena occurring hundreds of lightyears away. He used the length of the shadow and the length of the stick to calculate the angle of the sun (83 degrees above the horizon, or 7 degrees away from passing directly overhead, since there are 90 degrees in a right angle).

Astronomy Department

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State: PA
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Results from ultraviolet, X-ray and gamma-ray satellites. PHY 372 Special Topics In Physics 1-3 CreditsSelected topics not sufficiently covered in other courses.Repeat Status: Course may be repeated.Attribute Distribution: NS. ASTR 301 Introduction to Stellar Astrophysics 3 CreditsThis course will take an observational, theoretical, and computational perspective to investigate the physics of stars.

University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

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State: WI
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The goal of the graduate program is to prepare capable and creative astronomers for careers in research and education. The granting of the Ph.D. degree indicates that the recipient has a mastery of the knowledge and techniques of modern astrophysics. A Ph.D. candidate is expected to be both knowledgeable of problems at the frontiers of astrophysical research and able to carry out independent forefront research in a specialized area. The Astronomy offers the doctor of philosophy in astronomy.
GRE score required at University of Wisconsin-Madison master's degree programs in Astronomy
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State: TX
Acceptance: -
The Master of Science (MS) in Astronomy provides students with a comprehensive graduate-level education in the major areas of the field. The students should be near completion of the degree. If the chair of the student’s advisory committee is unavailable for an extended time in any academic period during which the student is involved in activities relating to an internship, thesis or professional paper, and is registered for courses such as 684, 691, 692 or 693, the student may request, in writing, that the department head appoint an alternate advisory committee chair during the interim period.

Master of Science in Astronomy Texas A M University, College Station, TX

GRE score required at Texas A & M University-College Station master's degree programs in Astronomy
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State: AL
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Note that requirements for students specializing in astronomy differ from those for students in other physics areas. The student PhD Plan of Study must be approved by the department and the Graduate School by the time the student completes 30 graduate semester hours of UA and or transfer course work. Passing the preliminary exam is a requirement for admission to candidacy for the PhD and allows the student to commence dissertation research.

Physics, PhD

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