Best Graduate Programs in Community Psychology in California - Updated 2021

3 universities in California, Sacramento offer master’s degree in Community Psychology

Tuition: $26,750
State: CA
In this specialization you will study critical community psychology, an orientation to community psychology that embraces the values of social justice, emancipatory praxis, empowerment, and inclusion of people who have been marginalized by hegemonic structures in society. It challenges epistemologies, ideologies, and worldviews—including those of mainstream psychology–to reflect on how these perpetuate conditions of injustice and oppression. Critical community psychologists work with communities to legitimize popular knowledge, generate new, inclusive knowledge, develop innovative paradigms, and envision radical transformative praxis.

Community, Liberation, Indigenous, Ecopsychology

Tuition: $21,564
State: CA
Acceptance: 13.04%
Andrea Hentschel was among a group of students from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology to put ethical theory into practice by aiding Syrian refugees on a study abroad trip to Athens, Greece. When Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans area in 2005, it traumatized not only its victims but the psyche of the community itself. INSIGHT, the magazine for friends and alumni of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, made its Spring 2016 debut with timely topics and a fresh, sophisticated new look.

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