Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi

Graduate Scholarship and teaching assistantship at Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi

Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi in total awarded Graduate Assistantship for 260 students.

Assistantship in Teaching was awarded to 125 Graduate Assistant students.

Assistantship in Research was awarded to 135 Graduate Assistant students.

Students must be enrolled at least half-time to qualify for federal student loans: The Michigan Tuition Grant is available to those students pursuing the A.B. Philosophy degree and has financial need. Keep this information and all financial aid information in a secure place to avoid identity theft. Sacred Heart Financial Aid Application: be sure to include their planned credit hours. Pastoral Ministry Grant: for students in the Archdiocese of Detroit with financial need. Sacred Heart institutional grants are awarded in June of each year for the upcoming new academic year. It is strongly recommended that students complete the FAFSA and other required applications by March 1st for priority awarding.