San Diego State University

San Diego State University GRE score and admission requirements for graduate programs in Biology, Biomedical and Biological Sciences

San Diego State University requires GRE scores to be submitted for 4 Programs.

San Diego State University gre score requirements for graduate programs are:

Academically eligible students can receive guaranteed admission to SDSU upon completion of English-language study at the ALI.

In order to for Graduate Conditional Admission, students must agree to the following items and complete the Graduate Conditional Admission Checklist.

Graduate Conditional Admission through the ALI is a guaranteed admission to SDSU upon completion of English-language study through the Pre-MBA and Pre-Master Program at the ALI.

Students must submit an ALI application, proof of degree from an accredited university, transcripts demonstrating a GPA of 3.0 or higher, Statement of Purpose, and Resume. Optional letters of recommendation may also be submitted.

Graduate Conditional Admission requires that candidates hold an acceptable baccalaureate degree earned at an accredited institution or one approved by a department and or ministry of education in the host country, have attained a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 or equivalent, and be in good academic standing at all universities attended.

Students have one year to demonstrate English proficiency and sufficient GRE GMAT scores before enrolling in an MBA or MSA degree program at SDSU.

The following checklist is for students applying to SDSU for full Graduate Conditional Admission.

Admissible students will be issued a letter of Graduate Conditional Admission.

In order to be eligible for Graduate Conditional Admission students must for the Pre-MBA and Pre-Master Program.

The letter includes the student prospective major at SDSU.

The remarks section will also list information graduate conditional admission.

Students with Graduate Conditional Admission will still need to complete the SDSU application at calstate.eduafter arrival in San Diego.

Is the TOEFL exam, IELTS exam, or proof of English proficiency required to for Graduate Conditional Admission English proficiency is not required to for Graduate Conditional Admission.

A complete application includes an admission application, application fee, and financial statement.

GRE Quantitative : -

GRE Verbal : -

GRE Analytical : -