Saint Louis University

Chemistry doctoral programs at Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University awarded 38 Doctoral degree in research/scholarship, 3 Doctoral degree in professional practice and 0 Doctoral degree in other fields in year 2021. Ph.D. Degree Requirements Here you will find a description of how the Chemistry Department implements the specific requirements for the Ph.D. degree as established by the Graduate School (Office of Graduate Studies). Qualification and Coursework The purpose of Qualification is to demonstrate proficiency in core areas of chemistry. Graduate students entering the Chemistry Department Graduate Program will be given Qualifying Exams in each of the 4 core areas of Chemistry (Analytical, Inorganic, Organic and Physical) prior to registration. These exams are administered in August and January by the Chemistry Department. A student must pass the exams in two or areas to be Qualified for the Ph.D. graduate program. Entering graduate students who do not pass at least two of the Qualifying Exams when they first enter the Chemistry Department Graduate Program can qualify for the Ph.D. program by three different methods. A student can qualify in an area by passing an approved graduate level course in the area with a grade of B or better. The approved courses are: Analytical: 8085 (in analytical chemistry), 8210, 8230, 8250, 8270 Inorganic: Any graduate level (8xxx) Inorganic course (i.e., CHEM 8085 (in inorganic chemistry), 8410, 8430, 8450 ganic: 8150, 8160, 8170 Physical 8310, 8320, 8 0, 8340. Students must qualify for the Ph.D. program by the end of their second semester (this does not include summer session, for students who enter in January). Failure to qualify will result in dismissal from the Chemistry Department Graduate Program.